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Renting Guide

Properties24x7 – Renting Guide

Referring to this guide before you look out for a place to live on rent or rent out a property in Dubai this piece of article will come in handy as some of the major points have been covered here on the specified subject which will make your search simpler. Investors who invest in properties and rent out do gain a lot out from the rentals as the rental amount is on much higher level as compared to other countries. Properties which are given on rent we ensure that it is rented out at the right time, to the right person and at a better deal. Conducting regular inspections, handling all service calls promptly and timely changes in case of any paperwork, rental charges are taken care of. Keeping updated the landlord too about the latest developments and property details is our topmost concern.

A perfect timing

If planning to look a place on rent the timing should be perfect, hunting out a best place should begin at least 6 weeks ahead in order to get the best deal. Hunt out for the real estate agent too is important as they are well equipped with every available option as they go hand in hand with landlords and property managers and are ever geared up to the minute details to Dubai’s most desirable and available properties.

Rental Rule

Secondly you need to be aware of the payment structure here as in comparison to other countries UAE will demand from you the entire payment in advance either through 1 or 2 post dated cheques wherein you either pay up for 6 months or the entire years rent.
Shelling out a bit extra

A fully refundable Security Deposit.

Agency Fees (Non – Refundable)

Down Payment for DEWA and Telecommunication Services – both refundable till the entire outstanding are cleared.


All the necessary legal papers to be up to the mark so as to avoid unnecessary hassles later. Photo ID, Recent paycheck slips, Recent Bank Statements, Ejari, Passport, Visa are some of the documents you need to produce before as and when demanded for.

Checklist once you have acquired the property on rent

  • Check everything is under working condition
  • Ensure that you always have sufficient amount in your bank so that the rental cheque do not cause you any trouble in near future
  • Subleasing the same property is a crime in UAE. Don’t ever dare to think of it.
  • Retain all the receipts carefully
  • If in case you face any problems ensure you have all the contacts of the Govt. body on whom you can turn to in times of distress
  • Last but not the least do religiously follow the terms and conditions as per the contract.