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34 Years now unveiled again Indo – UAE tie

  • 19th August 2015
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The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan at the one to one meeting, in Abu Dhabi, UAE on August 17, 2015.

A two days visit to the UAE by our Honorable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi has indeed brought an eloquent change as after a fruitful discussion Abu Dhabi plans to invest US$75 billion in Indian infrastructure and create a major breakthrough between the two countries embodying mutual partnerships in the field of health, literacy, traversing, applied science, energy, automation, aeronautical and lots more in the offing. A new era has begun ever since an Indian Prime Minister’s visit that too after a long lapse of 34 years has directed a way to a unique and imperative conglomeration.

Delivering a stimulating speech to tens of thousands of Indian expatriates briefing them on how the UAE Emirates have promised to give in financial aid and discussions about merchandising, civilization, lineage and commitment in eradicating terrorism as India has always been a soft target for them time and again and now slowly raising its head towards other developed countries, sharing intelligence sources and contributing towards efforts against money laundering, also in provincial defense and vigilance, developing strategic petroleum reserves, the UAE’s support to India to obtain a permanent stand in the Security Council and much more topics were covered up. To top it more The UAE Government has welcomed the Indian Companies to contribute towards the UAE’s infrastructure and happily agreed to allot a land for a Hindu Temple to which Mr. Modi appreciated his kind gesture. A whooping amount of more than $59 bn in 2014 – 15 and which is expected to rise by 60% in the next coming five years is the target set aside for trade between the two countries as per report of the State News Agency Wam. The best option after Mr. Modi presented a proposal, Sultan Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy thought is to invest more in Indian Tourism as he foresees a huge potentiality in this particular segment.

In comparison to US and China, India is the UAE’s second largest trading partner and the UAE is India’s third largest. Last year trade between these two countries almost reached $60 billion. Mr. Modi also shared in his speech the developments he had done in his hometown in terms of Insurance, Banking, Industrial growth, up liftmen of the downtrodden and women and also assured the Indian Expats in different countries of getting financial aid, including to fight out legal cases under a new scheme as part of various measures for the welfare of Diaspora. Both the countries have agreed to have a cordial relationship amongst them and work together in delivering the best of humanitarian and disaster relief. This campaign clearly indicates reformation of the Indian economy and both stand to gain by supporting one another.