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Now a Perfect Reason and Time to buy Property in Dubai

  • 13th August 2015
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Dubai being the global and business hub of the Middle East, investments done here yields rich returns in terms of rents, which is the highest in the world i. e. around 7.21% according to Global Property Guide.

Distinguishing between different countries the gross rentals turnout in London is between 2.72% and 3.20%, in Singapore 2.83%, Hong Kong 2.82% while in India a mere 2.22%. The vast difference in the gross rentals attracts other countries to invest here as from large to small apartments attracts anything between 5.87% & 7.21% according to the website compiling data’s and analyzing property price structure of the world’s big economies.

On an average small to medium size apartments draw around $22 per sq. mt. whereas large apartment draw $21/ sq. mt. per month which is rather unconventional as smaller apartments are costly in comparison to the larger ones as added by the company.
Going by the facts and figures the owner gets around $ 1700 per month for a 75 sq. mt. apartment, $ 2700 to $ 3700 for 120 sq. mt. to 160 sq. mt. and for 225 sq. mt. the monthly rental income would be somewhere around $ 4800.

Some top notch global property consultants have forecasted that the property prices will slump; however, Moody’s Investors Services stated that Governments contribution in encouraging more of foreign investments in diversified sectors especially on infrastructure will strengthen the real estate economy in the coming 5 years time. Though the decline in the property prices nothing hinders the rent figures resulting one is rest assured that renting out property is the best deal and Master Developers are all set to curtail the service charges to which the landlords as a sign of great relief do not have to shell out extra money for maintenance of their property or community.

Dubai is likely to procreate over 227,000 new employment to be unveiled in the forthcoming Expo 2020 also ensure that the market is not likely to face any sort of surpluses in this regard in the housing market.

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