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About Us


Since the time of inception Odhav Realty , day in and day out has strived for benchmark perfection to be a leading real estate firm dedicated wholly to the consumers need with bountiful of options of properties whom people with love call it a Home.

Odhav Realty a section of Odhav Group is into real estate field since 1996 where our professional teams independently go to any extent to give you goal oriented results offering always a unique gateway to some of the finest properties and a more in-depth and insightful experience of course with full transparency, uprightness and virtuous proceedings.

Initially started off its operation in hometown and now already spreading its branches far and wide in the Middle East, Dubai – a global business hub with aggressive growth plans of buying, selling and renting out of apartments, villas, townhouse intend to play a vital role and are of course sure that ahead of us always lies a silver lining.

Odhav Realty is now all geared up on delivering the highest standards of service in an up-to-the-minute way of working method not to forget with utmost dedication and perfection as well.

Over the 19 years experience we have maintained a track record of sustained growth, innovations in recent and will implement more of it in our future ventures, customer contentedness as we have been successful in not only providing them satisfaction to the full but also surpassing their expectations and the story just not ends here, it is a nonstop process to achieve or rather aim for the highest standard of service and products because we know our valued customers always are wanting something new and we really take great pride in fulfilling all their demands for customers value and quality is all what we respect.  

From the desk of the Managing Director

First of all I would sincerely like to thank you for visiting our website and showing keen interest in our firm. I wholeheartedly hope you were able to find out whatever information you wanted to go through.

Though still young we at Odhav Realty acquire a rich and manifold presence and will always be in a learning process to deliver the best of our products and services as well. At every juncture of our professional step if we don’t find a way we make a way and very true to it we have always attained success in almost everything we have laid our hands on.

Wandering across the globe, seeing the creativity and charm, I too thought of doing something good for my fellowmen in my home town wherein they too can enjoy the wonders of the universe and thus started implementing new ideas and concept which always had been my passion. Initialing first in my hometown and now thought of spreading my wings far and wide in terms of buying, selling and renting out property in the Middle East – Dubai (UAE) for which I always encourage my professional team to have an eye and attention to each minute details, resources so than and than only would I be able to deliver the desired consequences. My only endeavor would always be to exceed expectations of the customers and strive to provide all encircling elucidations.

Odhav Realty aspires to be one of the leading international benchmark in creating, spreading and sustaining real estate cutting edge knowledge and uphold its highest level of conventionalities, transparency and decency both in local and international market as it has been doing so far.

I, on behalf of all at Odhav Realty assure you that we shall always uplift our mythology of remitting the best in whatever we perform.

Rajendra T Tank